Mission Review : Mafia

Mafia is the first of the fan made missions that i’m going to take a look at – these are going to be infrequent so if anyone else wants to do a write up of any of the others i’d be pleased to accept it !

Mafia is basically a bigger version of the Assassins, you get a small squad of 5 men – plus a dalek type battle droid, and you are up against a mafia leader (basically, it’s Sterner Regnix) who has a couple of Cyborgs and some more Dalek battle droids.

The map is almost a cross between Sterners house and the Moonbase, but it’s huge – certainly as big as Laser Platoon as least. Unfortunately as you’ve not got a lot of people in there though, it can become a bit long winded actaully finding them.

There’s new weapons too – uzi’s, proton, lasers, time bombs, AP80 grenades and some other interesting items like keys and batteries.

All in all, a decent mission – but the map is a little to big for the combatants available.

Love to hear your opinions on it….


  1. Steve Smith says:

    Years ago I hacked the original Laser Squad on the Speccy and increased the size of the Assassins map, adding new rooms and stuff. It wasn’t long before I came to the same conclusion as you – if the building is too big, it can be a long slow boring process trying to find Sterner. I think Julian got the original map just right.

  2. White Kite Fauna says:

    screenshots please

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