What is Laser Squad ?

It all started with Rebelstar Raiders, written by Julian Gollup. An excellent strategy title for it’s time and published to very little fanfare. It only really got noticed when Firebird picked it up and put it out as a budget title.

A few years later, Gollup expanded the idea and came up with Laser Squad.

Laser Squad is a turn based strategy war game where the player completes objectives such as rescue or retrieval operations, or simply eliminating all of the enemy, by manoeuvering the squad’s team members around a map one at a time, taking actions such as move, turn, shoot, pick up and so on that would use up the unit’s Action Points. By taking advantage of cover, squad level military tactics, and careful use of weaponry, the cunning player could complete their objectives before the other player/computer AI. More heavily laden units would tire more easily, and need resting or face running out of Action Points more quickly in subsequent turns. Morale also played a factor, a unit witnessing the deaths of all his teammates in short shrift, could panic and run out of the player’s control.

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  1. fierman says:

    what interests me as well is what sparked them to make rebelstar raiders in the first place. I remember reading somewhat about wargames being of influence. A few which were mentioned are Snapshot, ( http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3965/snapshot ) a tactical wargame in the Traveller RPG series by GDW and Sniper, ( http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/5940/bug-hunter-sniper-companion-game-3 ) by SPI.

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