Laser Squad – Iphone & Ipod Touch

This has been out for a while now, but c64 available on the appStore allows you to download Laser Squad (for free) and play it on your Iphone/Touch. Note that the c64 app itself isn’t free – just the in-app download of Laser Squad.

it contains 5 missions : Assassins, Moonbase, RFTM, Cyber Hordes & Paradise Valley. It features sound and full screen play, and allows you to continue play if you quit out of the app.

It’s the c64 version in all it’s glory, and even if it costs a few quid for the app, that’s got to be worth it to be able to fire rockets at Sterner Regnix’s head whilst sat on the loo.


  1. The Betpet says:

    To add to this, Android has an app called ‘Marvin’ which is a ZX Spectrum emulator. It links into World of Spectrum and downloads the relevant snapshots which includes Laser Squad in all its glory. There is also an emulator called ‘Frodo’ which is free and for the C64. I’ve not used that myself though since I’ve not used a C64 myself. I expect it’s also able to play Laser Squad.

  2. Callum says:

    Anyone know if laser squad nemesis will ever be available in the App Store?

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