Updated – Laser Squad on iPhone/Touch

iPhone 4 showing the home screen.
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Some great news about Laser Squad on the iPhone, in fact it’s great news for fans of Julian Gollup games.

Now on the appstore you can find zx spectrum:the elite collection (click here)

Download it, and you’ll see an in app purchase for the “Julian Gollup Collection” – for just £1.19 you can be the proud owner of :

  • Laser Squad (7 missions inc Stardrive and Laser Platoon)
  • Lords of Chaos (5 mission version)
  • Chaos
  • RebelStar I
  • RebelStar II
  • Hopping Mad (which i’ve never heard of, and is a bunch of arse)

They play really well in the app and it’s an absolute bargain for the price.

Now if someone would just do iPhone Xcom – my life would be complete


  1. fierman says:

    Now why would you pay for a few tape images which are on WoS as well?
    If Mr. Gollop himself would benefit from this app, I would completely agree, but in this case it is just plain robbery.
    Don’t spend your money on this!

  2. Admin says:

    I disagree – It may well be available on WOS – but that won’t help me play it on the train.

    The iPhone app is very well implemented – and to get the RebelStars and LOC as well is a bonus, we *are* talking about spending a quid here to get a portable version of my favourite game ever – i think calling it “robbery” is a little over the top.

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