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New Laser Squad for Android in Development

haven’t updated the site in a long while, but Vladimir Ignjatijevic emailed me today to introduce his new Android version of Laser Squad. it’s early days on development as yet, but it’s worth visiting his site right now (and bookmarking it for later) as you’ll get a very interesting look behind the scenes of developing […]


Updated – Laser Squad on iPhone/Touch

Image via Wikipedia Some great news about Laser Squad on the iPhone, in fact it’s great news for fans of Julian Gollup games. Now on the appstore you can find zx spectrum:the elite collection (click here) Download it, and you’ll see an in app purchase for the “Julian Gollup Collection” – for just £1.19 you […]


How Laser Squad Works

Steve Godrich has let me know about a great series of articles appearing at How Laser Squad Works it’s the start of an in-depth look at the code behind laser squad with the first article will focusing on the sprite and map details. Thanks to Steve for letting me know 🙂


Laser Squad – Iphone & Ipod Touch

This has been out for a while now, but c64 available on the appStore allows you to download Laser Squad (for free) and play it on your Iphone/Touch.


Retro Gamer doing Laser Squad Article

I got an email from someone at Retro Gamer last week asking if i knew who had done the box art for Laser Squad as they were running a feature on it next month.


UPDATED : Commodore 64 version

In case anyone wants to play the best version of Laser Squad, here’s the C64 version in all its .d64 format.


What is Laser Squad ?

What is Laser Squad ?

Why would anyone make a website about a 20 year old game that didn’t set the world on fire ? because it’s awesome. That’s why.


Mission Review : Mafia

Mafia is the first of the fan made missions that i’m going to take a look at – these are going to be infrequent so if anyone else wants to do a write up of any of the others i’d be pleased to accept it ! Mafia is basically a bigger version of the Assassins, […]


Spectrum Mission Downloads

Click through for a download of all 20 missions for the ZX Spectrum. Yes, i did say 20.


How did you find Laser Squad?

It all started with a crappy little black & white ad in the back of zoom64…